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Synthetic Flooring Systems


  • Outstanding multi-purpose alternative to a wood gym floor

  • Seamless, smooth surface that is easy to clean for maintaining excellent facility hygiene

  • Long lifespan & low maintenance mean low life-cycle costs


  • Durable rubber flooring that endures intense use from athletes and weightroom equipment

  • Material includes recycled rubber tires for LEED credit eligibility

  • Contains Anti-microbial/Anti-fungal Properties to support maintenance and hygiene

Pulastic Combi Systems

  • A dual layer system that combines the best of both worlds, synthetic surface and wood subfloor, to produce a highly resilient floor with a durable colorful, seamless surface

  • Added resiliency provides comfort and protection to reduce the risk of athletic injury

  • Durable subfloor design and construction means long lifespan and low life-cycle costs


  • High performance rubber flooring with resiliency for comfort and safety

  • The best choice for top NCAA and PRO track and athletic training programs

  • Durable vulcanized design that withstands wear and tear from track spikes and ongoing athletic events

Robbins fusion Systems

  • Perfect choice for multi-purpose spaces with a variety of sporting activity needs

  • Fusion systems allow for the merging of multiple surface types (wood and synthetic) to come together to create one continuous floor

  • Versatility and flexibility for facility’s to host today’s popular sports activities and events, now and in the future

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