Maintenance Products

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Dust Mop Kit

Micro Fiber Mop Kit

Slipknot Mop System

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The system consists of one 60” frame,
one 60” mop head, and handle.

Constructed for intensive laundering and
rigorous use, these exceptionally high
performance dust mops are pre
laundered and ready to use. Superset
yarn virtually eliminates yarn frazzle and
untwisting while delivering maximum dust
pick up and containment. Used with the  dust control dust mop treatment.

The system consists of one 60” frame, two 60” microfiber mop heads and a handle.

The Microfiber Mop Kit helps to clean your gym floor in record time. The Microfiber strand is a combination of polyester and polyamide. The microfibers on the mop pad have thousands of tiny hooks that grab and hold dirt until the product is laundered.

The system consists of one 48” frame and six 48” cotton mop heads.

It is used in conjunction with Aqua Mop Floor Cleaner; a neutral cleaner that will not leave a residue.  This combination will provide the ingredients needed to achieve the best performance of the floor finish with regard to long lasting gloss and non-slip characteristics.  The system consists of one 48” frame and six 48” cotton mop heads.  The mop heads are attached to the frame with a Velcro system.  Attach frame to your standard mop handle.


Dust Control

Aqua Mop

Pulastic Basic Clean

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Dust control is a water based product which can be used on wood floors, resilient tile, concrete, terrazzo, marble, quarry and ceramic tile, vinyl upholstery, wood paneling, Venetian blinds, Formica and many other hard surfaces which collect dust.

This product is recommended to clean all metal interlock floor finishes and water based wood coatings. It can be used on all resilient flooring, sealed wood and masonry surfaces.

Pulastic Basic Clean is a synthetic floor cleaning detergent used in the cleaning process, for Pulastic Indoor Sports Floors finished with a solvent based Pulastic Sports Floor Coating. A high quality maintenance product for a high-quality sports floor surface - the best way to keep your Pulastic surface looking like new.