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Join Our Team!

We are now hiring seasonal positions for the upcoming summer. If you are a student or professional looking to work in a friendly environment with lots of variety, the available positions on our recoat and sanding crews might be a great fit for you! 


Recoat Crew Member

Your role in this position will be to perform annual recoating maintenance for a customers sports surface. This is performed by stripping the surface with an abrasive screening to remove marks and imperfections. After cleaning dust off the floor surface a clear coat of finish is applied.

Sand and Finish Crew Member

Every so often a sports surface will be in need of a full sand down to bare wood. This position calls for sanding the entirety of a surface to remove all paint and finish. You will be equipped with a riding sanding, edging sander, and buffer. Following the sanding process a seal coat will need to be applied to ensure the wood is protected.

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